How to Have Multiple Orgasms Using Sex Toys


How to Have Multiple Orgasms Using Sex Toys: Let’s have a talk about orgasms. Not only one orgasm but multiple orgasms. Common words in the sex world, “multiple orgasms” or “multiple orgasms” are probably things I’ve heard about before. But what are multiple orgasms and how do you choose a sex toy to help you try it out?

What are the multiple orgasms?

As it seems, multiple orgasms are just, well … that! Multiple orgasms are defined as having multiple orgasms in a single sexual session. How multiple orgasms will look as unique as your body.

Some people may experience orgasm after orgasm, a few seconds after the other, with continuous stimulation. Other people need minutes (or even half an hour!) Between their multiple orgasms to allow the body to “drop” from their last orgasm a little before moving on to the next. Some people’s multiple orgasms can include squirting or ejaculation, while non-ejaculatory multiple orgasms are also suitable for other people. Like most things in sex, everybody is different, and everyone enjoys orgasms differently too!

The defining characteristic of “multiple orgasms” is that it has to happen within a single sexual “session”. This means that the body does not fully untie or enter its natural refractory period. As long as you keep that arousal, you can have orgasms multiple hours later! (Although we are not sure to recommend it. It sounds incredible, but exhausting!)

How to have multiple orgasms

While you can try to carry out this process with a partner, we strongly recommend that it be a solo adventure. Having a partner involved can make you feel rushed, or even when your partner has the best intentions, it can stop stimulation just before a critical moment, if only because their hands are more than tired. Once you start moving forward on your multiple orgasm adventure, you can always invite them in!

So, let’s start with how to have multiple orgasms:

1. Start foreplay

An important key to achieving multiple orgasms is excellent extended foreplay. In fact, many people find it almost impossible to enjoy multiple tremors without good foreplay. Engage in fantasies, find your favorite action stimuli, and spoil the experience. Slowly advance to the powerful excitement we need for the next stage. Masturbate, imagine, watch videos, read or whatever you do to put yourself in a state of excitement. If you have a favorite sexual game, then it’s time to take it out!

2. Ensure strong excitement

As we said, strong excitement is really important to deepen multiple orgasms. After all, you want to start from the climax of excitement before trying to “surf” orgasm after orgasm. No matter what the strongest point of excitement, we recommend starting there before reaching the first orgasm.

3. Orgasm

The first orgasm, here we go!

4. Continue stimulating

This is the most vital part of having multiple orgasms. If you have one orgasm and stop stimulating, your body will start to relax naturally. If you expect to experience additional orgasms, you should ensure continued sexual contact and stimulation.

However, many people find that stimulation after orgasm is very severe, especially with direct stimulation of the penis or clitoris. If so, try moving the stimulus to a less sensitive location. Consider rubbing wide circles around the entire vulva or playing with the testes or thighs.

5. Build slowly to orgasm again

Once you return to stimulation, your body can naturally return to the point of orgasm. If so, then that’s great! If you don’t feel like it, that’s fine too! We recommend continuing a high level of mental excitement while also testing this process.

Anything you usually use to facilitate arousal, we suggest you stick to it. Find your favorite porn videos. Enjoy your favorite illusions. The goal for your places is more fun. This is the time to ensure your mind focuses on luxurious sensual sex so you can have an orgasm again.

6. Two orgasms?

The building can lead to another orgasm. If so, yes! Feel free to rinse and repeat as often as you want. If not, see some additional advice below.

Note that if you are still new to trying multiple orgasms (instead of leaving them as a single orgasm!), It may take some time for your body to figure out what’s going on. Humans are very adaptive, even to sexual activity. So if your body gets used to “orgasm then naps”, it may take a little training otherwise. Don’t be disappointed as you start your journey slowly.

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